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Kate Loo


Managing Director | Commissioner for Oaths

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Kate has more than 10 years of experience as a litigator and is a Commissioner for Oaths.  She practises both civil and criminal litigation and advises on general corporate matters.  She previously practised in a mid-sized firm and was involved in a diverse spectrum of matters concerning, among others, shareholder rights, employee duties, contractual obligations, banking and sale of goods.

Clients across sectors trust in Kate's litigation experience to help them resolve problems that can impact business operations and/or their private lives.  She leverages a well-rounded and diverse background for her clients' benefit.


Kate's experience includes:

Civil matters

  • Acted for two foreign investment companies claiming more than U­S$100 million against an international private bank for, inter alia, fraudulent misrepresentation and mis-selling of complex financial and structured products.

  • Acted for a financial company in a claim to recover an arrangement fee of more than S$1 million due and owing by the defendant who had drawn down on a facility provided but subsequently sought to argue that it had not, after the purpose for which it had borrowed the funds extinguished.

  • Defended an individual against a frivolous claim for more than S$5 million purportedly transferred to him as a friendly loan but was in fact an attempt to claw back monies after a failed transaction.

  • Acted for two shipping companies involved in a multi-million dollar suit concerning allegations of conspiracy and complex issues of cross-border corporate insolvency.

  • Acted for a REIT in multiple actions against tenants for breaches of lease agreement, including arrears in rent, failure to conduct reinstatement works on leased premises before handing over, holding over.

  • Defended an individual against a claim for remuneration of S$2 million due to the Plaintiff under an alleged oral agreement for brokering services.

  • Acted for a company in a claim and criminal complaint against a director who had misappropriated more than S$1.5 million from the company’s coffers.

  • Represented an individual who was defrauded out of around S$5 million after falling prey to an advance-fee scam perpetuated by a group of swindlers – a mareva injunction was obtained against each defendant and a variety of enforcement applications made against each of them in a bid to recover monies.

  • Represented an individual who was defrauded out of around S$500,000 by a conman – successfully obtained a mareva injunction and committal order against the defendant who was committed to prison after failing to comply with the orders in relation to the mareva injunction.

  • Represented three individuals suing on a foreign judgment debt in the sum of US$50 million in Singapore against a foreign shipyard, and subsequently enforcing the judgment obtained by garnishing ships owned by Singapore companies that were docked in the said shipyard.

Criminal matters

  • Defended an individual against multiple charges of failure to report for urine testing, and obtained a nominal sentence after impressing on the Court that the accused had serious photosensitive skin issues and poor management skills that resulted in failure to obtain sufficient medical certificates to cover all of his absences. 

  • Acted for an individual with more than 1041 charges of knowing assistance provided to unlicensed moneylenders.

  • Acted for an individual with money counterfeiting charges.

  • Acted for a ex-police officer charged with misappropriation.

  • Acted pro bono for various individuals, including a minor charged with theft in dwelling and an individual with borderline intelligence charged with harassment.

Corporate matters

  • Structured and advised on multiple loan transactions for amounts up to S$30 million for various financial companies.­­­­

  • Advising a foreign investor on the setting up of a financial services company in Singapore and structuring their loan transactions in compliance with the Moneylenders Act.

  • Advised on various legal matters for a national non-profit organisation, and tailored service agreements, joint management agreements and commercial leases for them.

  • Negotiated and advised on a sale and purchase agreement relating to the sale of shares by an exiting director/shareholder of the company.

  • Conducted due diligence on a target company for the acquisition of their F&B outlets.

  • Assisted on the acquisitions of multi-national gold mining companies by an SGX listed company.

  • Assisted on complex cross-border project finance transactions in the oil and gas industry.



  • Singapore Academy of Law

  • The Law Society of Singapore



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