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Empowering Families through Compassionate Advocacy

We understand that it is an emotional and trying process when it comes to the parting of ways between a couple. They can find it difficult to reach an agreement on things like finances, property and the care for their children. Our family lawyers are experienced in working through disputes and reaching outcomes. This may be achieved through negotiation or through a more formal process like mediation or a court hearing. The relevant options will be discussed with you throughout your case.

When it comes to children, our friendly, sympathetic team can help with contact arrangements, advise on your rights and responsibilities as a parent and the rights of your child. Our approach is to try and help you reach agreement as parents, but if this is not possible, our team can represent you through the court process.

We are committed to handle your matter with the care it deserves.

How we can support you

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Matrimonial Matters

  • Marriage breakdown

  • Relationship breakdown

  • Children

  • Adoption

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Estate Planning

  • Wills and lifetime succession planning

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney

  • Administration of Estates

  • Probate

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