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We are constantly on the look out for people to join us here at Ling Law Corporation! If you are interested in an internship, training contract or a permanent position with us, please write to us at, setting out the position you're applying for and attaching your resume for our review. We are happy to consider alternative working arrangements, if necessary.  

The Ling Law Experience
Eng Chee Koon
PME_9036a 4rs

I completed my practice training at Ling Law Corporation and was called to the Bar in August 2022.

Although I was new to many aspects of legal practice,  my supervising solicitor Kate was unfailingly patient in her guidance and generous with her words of encouragement. 

I particularly appreciated her trust in my abilities - she let me run files while maintaining a ''light touch'' in her supervision. This gave me the confidence to manage clients on my own. Crucially, this sharpened my instincts in the ''nuts and bolts'' of client and case management. Moreover, my opinions on cases were always sought and valued by Kate. For this, I am  immensely grateful and honoured. 

Finally, the collegial atmosphere of the firm fosters a sense of belonging. I attribute this to the small size of the firm, which in this case, is definitely an advantage. Everyone working here including support staff have a say in its overall direction and is heard. 


I would not hesitate to work with Kate if the chance arises in the future. Once again, my heartfelt thanks go out to her and the team at Ling Law Corporation

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