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Driving Business Growth through sustainable practices

Protecting Data, Building Trust

We recognise the evolving expectations on business leaders to enhance organisational resilience and address social concerns of importance to customers, investors and stakeholders. Through close collaboration, we drive initiatives to fortify corporate culture, boost employee morale, enhance customer loyalty, and bolster stakeholder relations. Drawing on our extensive experience, including in in-house environment, we offer tailored guidance for gradual transformation across governance, social responsibility, diversity, compliance, and privacy.

How we can support you

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Optimising data use and staying compliant

  • Terms of use, terms of service (online and mobile)

  • Privacy policies, privacy notices and cookie policies

  • Impact assessment, data mapping and audits

  • Data breach management

  • General advisory and related trainings

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Sustainability & ESG

Transformation to prepare for ESG Opportunities

  • Corporate Governance, Code of Conduct and Supplier Management

  • General Business Compliance and Human Rights Compliance

  • Compliance Reporting Channels, Investigation and Disciplinary Procedure

  • Privacy Compliance

  • Specific GRI Records Keeping and Disclosure

  • General advisory and related trainings

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Compliance & Corporate Policies

Embedding compliance in your culture

  • Compliance policies incl. business code of conduct, anti-bribery, conflict of interest, harassment

  • Compliance reporting channels, investigation and disciplinary procedure

  • General advisory, related trainings

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